Tuesday, 02 April 2019 16:38

    Food Season with The British Library

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    Don't miss this wonderful menu of events, talks and tastings for Food Season with The British Library. Yum!

    Tuesday, 26 March 2019 11:46

    The Framlingham Country Show

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    Entering into its 10th year, the Framlingham Country Show takes place on 13th and 14th April at Framlingham College. I'm told there will be an amazing drinks festival, rural crafts, a dog show, cars and a cookery theatre with demos from 2017 Great British Bake Off winner Sophie Faldo. Yes! Cakes.

    Sunday, 26 August 2018 16:48

    The Curiosity Fair

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    Here's a new monthly food and flea market for you, to be held at Clare Town Hall on the third Wednesday of every month. Starting on October 17th. Check out their vintage kitchenalia.   They'll also be holding a Food and Drink Fair before Christmas and are looking for a caterer to run their Cafe at this event. Anyone out there?

    Joe event


    Sunday, 15 July 2018 12:40

    Film Feast

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    Film Feast Suffolk will be showcasing feature films, documentaries and short films around the subject of food and drink. Just up my street and a fringe event to the wonderful Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival. Local Suffolk cafes and restaurants will be festival partners and recreating the meals and food featured in the films screened. Book now!

    Tuesday, 12 June 2018 11:42

    Taste of Sudbury Fringe ...ice cream fest!

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    My kind of Fringe Event ... ice cream tasting at Hadley's Ice Cream Parlour in Lavenham. A select few (including some very excited children) who were quick enough to spot this free event at the Taste of Sudbury Food and Drink Festival, spent the evening learning about ice cream making, tasting our way through a range of new flavours, some of which had been made specially for us. Jane the owner tried out her new vegan sorbet range on us. Wow! What stunning sorbets made with aquafaba and blended with ripe summer fruits and vibrant tropical flavours. Vegan or not go and try these sensational sorbets for yourselves.

    Monday, 02 October 2017 19:17

    Sushi at the Suzuki Supper Club

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    One of the most interesting meals I've had in Bury St Edmunds for a long time. A sushi supper at Kaori and Guy Dawsons house. I'd been invited as part of a family birthday party, so we filled the table for six which overlooks the kitchen and where Kaori cooked our dinner from scratch. While she cooked we watched and chatted to her husband Guy. This is Japanese food at its best, it's light and fresh, Sushi is only served at this supper club on a Wednesday or Saturday when Kaori gets her fresh fish from the market. We ate raw scallops, prawns and tuna. Kaori kept making food and we kept eating. We had Edamane, Renkon Chips, Tofu Salad, Japanese Omelette, Runner Bean Tempura, Nigiri and Hoso-maki sushi with scallops, tuna and prawns. Sashimi scallops and tuna. Miso Soup. Caramel Banana Ice Cream and Tea, not to mention the Sake and Japanese beer. Go!

    Thursday, 21 September 2017 21:04

    Wild Suffolk at Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival.

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    A spectacular new area at Aldeburgh Food and Drink Festival, bringing together all the elements from the sky, sea and land - things that all go to make up our wonderful 'Wild Suffolk'. Find me in the Food Writers Corner, telling you exactly what I think about the modern forager.

    Friday, 07 July 2017 12:21

    How to have a party for 200 people in a farm shed

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    My notes!

    Brisket 5 x briskets – slow cooked Thurs and sliced (Ruth) with horseradish and chutney on side. I’ve got tons of chutney.

    Coronation Chicken 30lb whole chickens. Roasted Thurs (Ruth) and cut up and made into Coronation Chicken on Friday. (mayo, curry, grapes, celery)

    Fresh Salmon 30lb fresh salmon filleted into sides, served on shredded lettuce with lime and coriander mayo and prawns to garnish. To be assembled on Saturday.

    Samosas Ruth will get from Leicester (serve with raita)

    Spanakopita -the Guardian/Hugh Fearnley Whittingstalls recipe online is very good. His recipe will make enough for 12 people so suggest recipe x 8.

    Hummus and breads and butter (garnished with whole chickpeas and drizzled with olive oil and pickled lemons)

    Cheese, (Baron Bigod, Dorset Blue Vinny, Mrs Kirkhams) crackers and grapes a wonderful display!

    Chinese noodle salad – noodles, water chestnuts, bean shoots, red peppers, spring onions, carrot ribbons, tom juice, soy sauce, honey and ginger dressing.

    Coleslaw – carrots, cabbage, mayo (Sat morning Ruth)

    Tomato and mozzarella salad – garnished with basil and salt and pepper, balsamic and oil (Sat morning Ruth)

    Green salad – lettuce, rocket, cucumber, green stuff

    Potato salad – potatoes, mayo, chives

    Roasted vegetable and cous cous  - med veg, olives, herbs etc

    Welcome drink - Prosecco or Elderflower Fizz

    48 bottles Prosecco

    EldeflowerFizz (Cordial/Sparkling Water/Lemons/Mint)

    On the tables – Wine – Two whites, Rose and Red (45 bottles for the tables the rest to sell behind the bar

    48 Sauvignon Blanc (white)

    48 Esmerelda (white)

    48 de Bortoli (red)

    24 Rose

     Bar –

    Beer and cider

    2 x 36 pints polypin Old Cannon best bitter

    40 litres/70 pints canned lager

    40/50 bottles Aspalls cyder

    Mojitos & Elderflower Collins Cocktails and Spirits (Gin, Rum and Vodka)

    6 litres rum

    6 litres gin

    6 litres vodka

    6 x Gomme syrup

    6 x Elderflower cordial

    6 x Jiffy lemon juice

    24 lemons

    48 limes

    5/6 bunches mint

    Light brown sugar for mojitos

    36litres each of soda, sparkling water, tonic, lemonade, diet coke, coke and orange juice

    8kg ice cubes

    6kg crushed ice













    Friday, 07 July 2017 11:17

    Breakfast in Hesset

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    The place for a fresh local farmhouse breakfast on Saturday September 2nd will be the Heath Farm farm pop-up at Hesset village hall. We went to one last Saturday and had a tasty sausage bap (£3) and home-made sausage rolls (£2.50) cooked on the spot. You can have a full English breakfast with eggs laid that day, and a lamb and tzatziki-slaw bap for brunch too - from a small but tasty menu of locally produced meat which is also for sale on the day.

    Don't miss this four week celebration of food, farming, landscape and the arts at White House Farm, Great Glemham, near the Suffolk coast.  Intermingling arts with food, farming and heritage crafts, farm suppers, festival talks and a pop up shop and a tea room. Festival talks include 'Unearthed' this Friday 12th May by local food writer in residence Tessa Allingham. Tessa, who co-authored Unearthed, is going to use the book and the stories in it to explore some of the things that are important to her, and that she loves writing about - food provenance, and the people who grow, rear, fish, farm, bake, cook and sell the wonderful food we have in Suffolk, as well as some of the wider issues about traceability and honesty in food that this subject invokes. The talk includes a delicious soup, bread and cheese supper afterwards.

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