Delicious to dip bread in - as you would olive oil - only we don't do that so much in this country. Bright yellow just like the fields, tastes nutty and is my favourite salad dressing by itself or with a squeeze of lime.

    What a lovely pair of villages! Had to take my son to football so wander about looking for a home-made food shop for a late breakfast snack. Found the Co Op, but then the blinds go up on the local deli so I buy two very large sausage rolls at £1.20 each.  Nice pastry and local sausage meat although my son thinks the ones he makes are better. There are home-made quiches in the freezer and a couple of nice looking cakes, but not sure why a shelf full of toilet rolls haven't been hidden round the corner...?!

    Wednesday, 19 May 2010 09:21

    Stanton – again

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    Have already been recommended for their sausage rolls. This place has everything, fresh and frozen. And their plants are good too. Mick the Baker makes the bread at the back and he said if I come back earlier next time he'll make me a cup of tea.

    Sunday, 16 May 2010 09:21

    Crow Hall somewhere near Pettaugh

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    At Crows Hall Country 'Fayre' we queued for quite a long time to get these and a cup of tea from the WI stall. The fruit bread was the best, with what looks like a bit of a dry Maid of Honour coming close second.

    A second visit here to buy cakes that I ended up giving to other people. It was closing time so got two chocolate banana muffins, a piece of carrot cake (not for me - I don't like it much) and a piece of coffee and walnut. These cakes are the BEST for miles around but remember it's only every other week.

    Monday, 31 May 2010 09:15

    Whoopie Pies and Macaroons…

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    ... have arrived in Suffolk. The Whoopie Pies are on the cover of the Sainsbury's magazine and for sale in M&S. The only ones I've eaten so far were my sister's who had made them weeks ago - being a keen food trend spotter.  But my real new favourites are Macaroons - those French ones in all colours  - on sale at Wyken Farmers Market -  which means they are expensive, but probably worth it? Have a look at

    Thursday, 03 June 2010 09:14

    Suffolk Show and The Artisan Smokehouse

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    As usual the WI Country Market showing us how to make the best sausage rolls, almond slices and oat biscuits, but piece de resistance this year is Tim Mathews (remember last years Masterchef?) on his own stall - The Artisan Smokehouse Selling smoked olive oil, smoked sirloin steak, garlic and so many other other yummy delicacies  that we wanted to taste the lot.

    Monday, 07 June 2010 09:14

    Smoked Olive Oil

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    Monday, 07 June 2010 09:13

    Goat meat from Rattlesden

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    My links with the Caribbean dictate that I have to have goat meat every now and then and now we have a supplier - the most delicious barbecued chops I have ever had jerked in England! Forgot to take a picture though.

    Sunday, 06 June 2010 09:12

    The Jive Aces, Texas Tommy & Dinky Donuts

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    Went to this fantastic dance event at Debach Airfield, home to the USAF in the war. We could have been back in the 1940's if we had dressed up like the hundreds of others who did - sailors, land girls, officers - all jiving to the live band.  After jiving for hours Jane was forced to try the Dinky Donuts so I had a reason to put this on my blog and next year I am definitely going to get my hair rolled.

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